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Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free review

Messenger is a social messaging app from Facebook. It was a part of the Facebook social network for a long time. Now it is available as a separate chatting app on your mobile phone.

Design and Usability 10/10 

The design of Messenger is well-thought and nicely developed. Despite the simplicity of its look, the app is greatly organized and equipped with all the features you may need. It is a texting and video chatting app, so the main attention is either on the text you exchange with your friends and relatives or on the video. Due to the comfort of its use, the app is popular around the world. It is convenient to get in touch with your family via the app while you are on the road. The buttons are intuitive, with the main tools placed right in front of you.

Key Functions 10/10

Messenger is still considered an important part of Facebook, and as this social network continues to develop, they add more features to Messenger from time to time. The main goal of this app is to guarantee you are a non-breakable, solid connection to your contacts. The other features of Messenger are:

  • Now you can watch movies and TV shows together with your friends via the video chat of this app;
  • Customize versatile reactions and send them to others;
  • Pick the theme for the chat. New wallpapers and colors make it more personal;
  • Use Rooms to invite 50 people to chat with you at once;
  • Make phone and video calls to anyone who has the Messenger app.

Security 8/10

Messenger asks for your personal data and several permissions to your phone’s services. You give access to your camera and library if you want. However, this is one of the most targeted services. Facebook is known for its breaches of security in the past. You need to keep in mind all the possible dangers of being hacked. Yet, Facebook developers continue to improve the security of the apps.


  • Some services are not available for free


  • Multiple functions with free video calls
  • Group chats for 50 people
  • Customized emoji and themed chats
  • Free of charge
  • Comfortable to use the app

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 8

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