Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor is a horror game in which you have to invent various ways to get into your Neighbor’s house in order to rescue your friend from the basement.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

Hello Neighbor’s visual style is what really sets it apart from similar horror games. While its graphics are not that realistic, the level of detail is simply amazing, and that creates a truly unique atmosphere. The sounds are another thing that adds a lot to the game’s charm – the soundtrack is not boring, and the sound design is rather intricate.

Controls 9/10

The controls are very simple since there are not that many ways you can interact with the game’s world – most of the time, you just run around the house trying not to run into the Neighbor himself or one of its traps. And when you need to hide under a bed or grab an item, it takes just a tap to do that.

Gameplay 7/10

Hello Neighbor’s gameplay concept is not that original – you have to sneak into a huge house while trying to avoid its owner, the creepy Neighbor that looks for you all around. However, this game employs an advanced AI that tracks your actions and changes the house accordingly. So if you climb through a window a couple of times in a row, expect a bear trap there the next time you try to repeat your trick. That makes the game exciting and unpredictable – but the stealth elements themselves are rather simplistic, and the learning curve seems to be inverted since the game gets easier with every completed stage.

Lasting Appeal 6/10

The advanced AI makes the game last a little longer, but not for too long. The house and its puzzles are always the same, and once you’ve completed the game once, there’s almost nothing left for you to explore. Of course, you can try other tactics, but that’s not that interesting.


  • Three different stages with unique maps
  • Advanced AI that learns from your actions
  • Simple controls that you can learn in no time
  • Memorable visual style and nice sound design


  • Some puzzles seem to be completely unsolvable
  • Low replay value since the puzzles are not random

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 9

Gameplay 7

Lasting Appeal 6

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