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Life is just a huge roller coaster. Find your attraction.
It’s not always about love. Satisfy your deepest and darkest desires with the person you just met, but you never forget. Why dessert, if it can not be eaten? In the end, we live only once. The no-chat application JOYRIDE allows you to be spontaneous with anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you kiss, we will not tell anyone.

Let everything be as you want. Is free.
Try all the dishes in the adult dating menu that JOYRIDE offers, without spending a single ruble for 7 days. Our platform is a free buffet where you can give free rein to your fantasy with polygamous men and women, having experienced a delight from a date that you will never forget. When you are ready (-a) go to the premium level, we will update your account automatically, and you will not miss a second.

Passionate dating without luggage obligations
If you’re lucky, your weekend hobby will be your friend or girlfriend with sex without commitment. In the meantime, this did not happen, go for a sensual date without waiting, because it will satisfy your need for diversity. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to hold on until the last moment, as long as you can, or if you immediately plunge into the pool with your head, most likely, your adventure with JOYRIDE will be worth it.

Live your sex life on your own terms
Even if your main partner already knows and does not object to what you are doing when you are not together, some may need some secrecy until the right moment comes. That is why we do our utmost to protect your privacy and security. You decide who sees you and when. Your not-so-secret loving adventures with us are safe until you decide that you can declare them.

Yes it really works
Our simplest one-touch registration system will allow you to easily start meeting with single adults who like to experience adventures from time to time. More than 20 million people like you are already looking for your attraction in the JOYRIDE app. Join our exclusive community of people who are interested in an open relationship today, and see for yourself.
Start your sensual adventure today.

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